Way Back in '77

Way back in '77,
Back when I was only eleven,
I saw what I saw,
wadaladadaweehoo (2x), Oh, yeah, uh huh, uh huh, alright,

Heard voices talking from my dreams,
Woke me up when they rose like screams,
Rolled over and I covered my head as the sound grew loud and more,
Lying trying hiding, but it was too much to ignore.

Way back in '77 ...

Man, life had been so sweet and clean,
Cap'n crunch on the TV screen,
Watched the clock click a quarter to twelve, couldn't take it anymore,
Thought real good about the Cap'n Kirk on the back of my door

Creepin' and hopin'
I sneaked the door open
and "peek-a-boo,
I see you"
Turned tail, bustin' out of the house, runnin' cryin' in the rain,
Thought I'd never stop a-runnin', guess I never stopped my runnin' again

Back then in '77 ...

The moment of young shattered illusions. This is mostly fiction, though there are remembered nods to the Cap'n on the back of my door and the clicking-when-the-minutes-changed early digital alarm clock. Oh, and a little Elvis maybe in the "uh huhs"? ('77 was the year of the king's death.)

 Way Back in '77 from
 Portraits CD collection of 13 songs, 2012, Purchase Now
 (L. Strauss, guitar, voice)

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